Story Impact Network (Public)
Story Impact Network (Public)
Kelly Swanson

Welcome to Story Impact Network (Public)

Where the lovers of story and friends of Kelly Swanson hang out.

About Me

This is Kelly Swanson's cool clubhouse of story fans who want to know more about storytelling, have a story to share, want to hear good stories, and have a message that the world needs to hear. We all want to dance in that magical place where the art of story meets the business of persuasion. (I will be phasing out of time spent on other social media channels, and will devote all my energies to this community instead.)

Come Join Us

This is a great way for us to stay in touch and swap stories. This is where you can find out what I am up to, and get invitations to stuff. There are also cool resources on this page to help you craft your stories.  The Academy and the Course live here too. And don't forget, Prides Hollow - for those who just want to laugh and enjoy a good story.

A Big Thanks

Thank you for choosing to hang out in my sandbox. I'll try to make it worth your while.

Academy Members

There is a Group on this platform (and a Course) that is labelled Private. This group is for the Story Impact Academy members who have enrolled to spend a year with me. We host private online events all year. If you are in the network, and have enrolled, but can't get in the Academy group, just send us a message and we'll fix you right up. You can enroll in the Academy at any time. Spend the year with us! It's an epic journey into the power of your story! Here we link arms and dive deeper into the craft, and encourage and support each other as we share our stories with the world. And it's a lot of fun. has more details. (Official launch date: Fall 2022 - but enrollment is already open.) Limited seating at this special introductory price of $497 for the first year.

Note: If you are already enrolled before the launch date, you will hang out in the network page until we officially open the doors and bring you into the private group page. So have fun mingling. You'll be notified on this platform when the doors open.